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Azura’s Oasis has been servicing the Arts, Education and Entertainment Industries since ​1998. We have delivered over 20, 000 live performances, classes, and incursion ​programs...and counting!

Our special brand of entertainment is 100% engaging, connecting audiences of every age ​through the transformative magic of Music and Dance.

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Azura’s Oasis Premier Incursion Programs






Music and Dance


Positive Body ​Confidence and

Wholistic Wellbeing

Mummy’s ​Down-Under

Halloween ​Spectacular!

AppRoved ​Active Life ​Programs

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Supporting Victorian ​Curriculum Requirements

and the EYLF

Seal of Approval

Jungle Shimmy

The Multicultural Arts Incursion that has EVERYBODY UP DANCING!

Hailed by teachers and parents as 'A-One-Woman-Multicultural-Rock-Concert-For-Kids!', Jungle Shimmy is a celebration of ​Music, Dance, and Languages from around the world!

With instruments like Doumbek and Tef, traditional rhythms, the cry of the zaghareet, AMAZING props and easy-to-follow dances, ​children of every age are drawn into a hands-on experience of cultural arts, community spirit and life! Age-old stories & songs in ​Hindi, Punjabi, Arabic, Turkish, & Greek, and an interactive puppet show, ensures everyone is engaged in the performance from ​beginning to end.

This acclaimed program has toured extensively with Regional Arts Victoria and is currently endorsed by international and globally ​awarded Multicultural Arts Organisation Cultural Infusion.

  • Incursions
  • Weekly Programs
  • Stage Shows
  • Library Storytime
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What Victorian Educators are saying...

The moment Azura stepped into the room, the children were mesmerised. Azura is a gifted storyteller and ​musician who had everybody spellbound by her stories and dancing to the rhythm of the drums.

Zareen, Brunswick Free Kinder

Azura was fantastic! She was very patient and calm but also super engaging! The kids loved it and felt ​comfortable to join in. Was age appropriate, connected dance and story telling and explained about Middle ​Eastern culture in a really kid friendly way.

We could not recommend this incursion enough! Thank you Azura, the incursion was incredibly enjoyable for the ​kids and teachers!

Emily, Amsleigh Park Primary School

The Jungle Shimmy Program benefits children’s development and learning by promoting gross/fine motor skills ​and physical activity through dancing and playing musical instruments. It also excites the children and builds ​cultural awareness through the variety of music/language used.

The program supports memory development e.g., learning dance routines, and foreign language through songs.

The children are always engaged with the performer as she is consistently smiling, positive and energetic.

Desi, Educator Greythorn ELC

Bellydance Workshops

Promoting Positive Body Confidence and Wholistic Wellbeing

  • Primary & High Schools
  • Corporate Team Building
  • Council Events

Experience your body, mind and spirit joyously connected through ​the health-giving movements of Bellydance!

Seeped in cultural traditions, yet persuaded by a new world, the ​intimate and controlled movements of Bellydance grant access to ​our primal resources, inner power and vitality. The focused ​activation of belly, torso and spinal muscles stimulates a positive ​flow of energy throughout the body, calming the mind, nurturing the ​body, and uplifting the spirit.

Forging a strong body-mind connection builds self-confidence and ​positivity. You’ll be amazed at what your body can do once you know ​how! Living your authenticity feels like coming home. The power is ​within you!

Coin Belts, Veils and Props provided

Mummy’s Down-Under

A Halloween Bellyance Spectacular

What happens when your mum unlocks an old suitcase, and is ​alarmingly sucked into the depths of the Egyptian underworld?

With a sword, a pair of golden wings, and a well-thought-out ​protection spell, she may just make it home alive!

Expect the unexpected! Bellydance, Live Instruments, Mummy ​Rap and Easy-To-Follow Dances are all part of the spooky fun!



Floorshows & Entertainment

Well-reputed for their dazzling floorshows and ​outstanding theatre productions, Azura’s Oasis ​Bellydancers provide an exceptional entertainment ​experience full of old-school glamour and fun.

Professionally choreographed stage shows include ​Classical Egyptian Dance, Turkish Gypsy, Lebanese Folk, ​and modern stylized interpretations.

Azura and The Oasis Bellydancers have a ​long history performing at Major City of ​Melbourne Events, on TV, and alongside ​some of the biggest names in the ​entertainment industry.

Audiences LOVE getting involved in the ​performance and showing of their moves. ​The spontaneity and joie de vivre of an ​Azura’s Oasis Bellydance Performance ​brings everyone together in a joyous ​celebration of Art, Culture and Life!

Pictured: Azura, Harold Bishop, Connie, Tanleea, ​Lou Carpenter and Kat.

Neighbours 2004

Arabian Nights

Entertainment Packages

  • Belly Dancers
  • Fire Dancers
  • Bollywood Dancers
  • Drummers, DJ’s, Bands
  • Snake Charmers
  • Tarot Readers
  • Blue Genies


New Classes starting soon. Private Tuition by appointment.

Feel your inner vibrance. Unleash your feminine power and creativity. Experience your body, heart and soul, joyously ​connected through the health-giving movements of Bellydance!

Bellydance strengthens and tones the whole body, improves posture, balance, co-ordination, and increases flexibility ​of every joint, the shoulders, hips and spine. It can help you lose weight, clarify your skin, and put a twinkle in your eye! ​Bellydance is the gift of self-empowerment through disciplined physical control and acceptance. It makes you feel ​happy, sexy, and alive!

Azura has been nurturing students from beginner level to the stage for over 25 years. Many of her students joined ​classes for fun, fitness, friendship, and the sense of fantasy that Bellydance offers. Others fell in love with the artform ​and have pursued professional careers in the Arts and Entertainment Industry. Azura’s thousands of students are ​testimony to her passion for teaching, and ability to inspire confidence and joy in others.

Training in Fundamental Technique, Classical Egyptian Repertoire, Turkish Oryantal, Veil, Zill, Tef, Wings, Cane, Drum ​Solo’s, Choreography and Improvisation.

Turkish Dance Workshop

@ O’Kahve Pop-Up Shop


What our Students have to say...

Different personalities, ages, shapes and sizes but all with the same passion! - that’s what Bellydance is for me. ​Sensual and fun moves and props (veil, wings, cane and zills) allow me to express my feelings and the emotions ​of the varied music. There is no beter exercise. That we can do this in such a warm and nurturing community of ​like-minded soulds is FAAAAAAAANTASTIC!


For me being a shy person I never could have imagined getting up in front of people and dancing. I did it and ​loved it! The whole experience was amazing.


Bellydance with Azura’s Oasis has been an important part of my life and growth over the last six years. ​Bellydance has been an exciting, fun and crazy adventure that has given me a confidence and understanding ​of my own body and the opportunity to form fantastic friendships. At the end of a day, a bellydance show or ​class is always certain to lift my spirits.


Face Painting

Face Painting is a sure crowd pleaser, popular at ​Festivals, Kids Parties, Themed Functions, Shopping ​Centres, Sporting and Corporate Events.

Children love being transformed into their favourite ​animal or super hero. Azura’s quick, quirky and original ​designs feature gorgeous color combinations, beautiful ​linework, jewels and glitter.

Face Painting is also popular with adults, especially quick ​asymmetrical face designs, and art work on the ​decolletage area, shoulders and upper arm.

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0414 640 018

List of Services

  • Face Painting
  • Glitter Tattoos
  • UV - Glow in the Dark Paint Parties
  • Corporate Logo’s
  • Pregnant Belly Painting
  • Full Body Painting


Full face designs take 3-6 minutes. ​Quarter face designs take 1-3 minutes.

For a party of 15-25 children we suggest ​a 2-hour call. For large audiences we ​recommend a team of 2-5 painters.

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  • Fully Insured
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  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Qualified Fine Artist

Active Lifestyle ​Programs

For Seniors

and Elders

inspiring ​audiences ​to move

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Rise and Shine

Enjoy the wholistic benefits of starting the day with ​movement, music and laughter.

Dance, stretch, and sing-along to your favourite songs. ​Challenge your co-ordination and memory with body ​percussion and unusual props. This motivating program is ​all about having fun together and giving it your best.

40-minute Exercise Program

For People of Every Age and Ability

Ticket to Cairo

Experience the sights and sounds of Egypt like ​never before. Your Tour Guide Azura will have you ​shimmying in your seat, trilling a zaghareet, and ​walking like an Egyptian before you even board the ​plane! Bellydance, Music, Exotic Instruments, ​Travel Tips and Trivia are all part of the Adventure.

60-minute Interactive Floorshow Spectacular

For Senior Events and Aged Care Facilities


Feel your body, mind and spirit joyously ​connected through the health-giving ​movements of Bellydance. Boost core ​strength, increase balance and flexibility, ​and discover a whole new world of ​creative self-expression and fun. Pop, ​lock, roll and shimmy! You’ll be amazed at ​what your body can do once you know ​how.

40-minute Exercise Program

For People of Every Age and Ability

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Happy Hour

Get ready to be swept away by the vibrant ​atmosphere of Azura’s Oasis Happy Hour. Sing ​your heart out to favorite tunes from across the ​decades! Join in thrilling dance performances with ​fun costumes, instruments and props. Come one! ​Come all! It’s time to shine! Let’s make merry and ​celebrate life!

60-minute Interactive Floorshow Spectacular

For Senior Events and Aged Care Facilities

I have been a Professional Bellydancer, Educator and ​Entertainer for over 25 years.

After obtaining my Certificate IV in Leisure and ​Health in 2020, I commenced employment as a ​Lifestyle Assistant at Twin Parks and Royal ​Freemasons.

Working with the elderly has changed my outlook on ​life, and brought new meaning to my work as an ​Entertainer. Inspiring audiences to move and express ​themselves has always been my motivation and ​brought me great happiness. Working with the elderly ​has opened my heart in ways I never thought ​possible.

I developed these Active Programs to suit the needs ​of residents living in Aged Care and bring a sense of ​joy and celebration into the home.

I hope you can join me on the next adventure!


Azura always added a little bit of extra spark to the activities she ran. She made the residents feel extra special ​and happy. She always had a smile on her face.

Sandra Slaviero (daughter of Bruna Mondin D9)

I want to thank you from my heart for offering your exhilarating classes. I used to dance a lot and it was the only ​thing that brought joy to every part of my being. I can feel the energy flow through my body and the release of ​tightly held moments that got stuck in my body. I am happily dancing along with you and it's ok that one arm ​doesn't work properly.

Anna Couttieour

Azura showed a talent in developing innovative and engaging programs for our residents. One activity of note ​was her Sunday Swing-A-Long program; we received fantastic feedback from our residents and their families. ​Azura developed a great rapport with residents, including those who normally tended to keep to themselves.

Joyce Lam, Twin Parks

SpeciaL Acts

Snake Charmers

Azura’s Oasis Snake Charmers offer a unique ​blend of entertainment and education.

With sparkling costumes and serpentine ​dancing, these presentations are an ​opportunity for audiences to learn about ​Australian reptiles and gain a deeper ​understanding of our natural world.

All Special Occassions & Events

Fire Dancers